Attention: Small Business Owners in Kansas City!

Video is quickly taking over as the small business owner's #1 marketing tool. is the 2nd largest search engine attracting several billion hits per day. It's time to embrace what video can offer your business and customers. 

Done right, a short & to-the-point quality video can showcase your business products & services, educate your customers and build a following on social media platforms. Our programs offer you the ability to gain consistency with your marketing efforts and do it without a lot of effort. We bring high-definition video production and social media platform management together. We have a 5-step system and we do all the work for you. 

Your part takes as little as 30-minutes per month. We do everything else. Take a look at our small business packages. We know you'll find them to be affordable and effective.


Helpful Statistics

A quality marketing or promotional video can make a big impact on the opportunity and sales of your business service or products.

• Potential customers browsing your website are 400% more likely to convert to doing business with you if you have a video that effectively represents your company

Viewers always like additional information outside of the text in an email. Especially if it's relative content.

• Click-through rates increase 2-3 times when marketers include a video in an email

A nice promotional or marketing video should engage the viewer's sense of seeing, hearing, feeling and even tasting. Video is the next best thing to experiencing what you have to offer.

• 90% of users say that seeing a video about your product is helpful in the decision making process

Our videos are generally between 1 -2 minutes in length to keep your viewers engaged.

• 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute & 60% by 2 minutes

Using a smartphone or consumer grade camera to record video and promote your business? Visitors are looking for a quality solution to the product or service they seek. They can tell when little to no effort has been placed in marketing to them. Somewhere locally another small business owner is putting in the effort to attract their clients through quality.

• 90% of viewers will stop watching a video within 4-5 seconds if the quality of the video/audio is below average


Here's a couple of recent examples you can watch. Our focus is really set on solid high quality video & audio recordings for your small business marketing and promotional video needs.




Watch a couple of testimonials from our clients. Let them tell you about their experience using our video services for their business. If you're interested in having some of your clients give powerful testimonials about their experience we can get that going for you. Click here.